Friday, September 6, 2013

I'll Take The Crumbs

Matthew 15:26-27 "He replied,  "It is not right to take the children's bread and toss it to the dogs." Yes it is, Lord," she said.  "Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master's table." (NIV)

As the Canaanite woman presses her way to obtain deliverance for her daughter, we are introduced to an important characteristic in accessing the blessings of God.  After her persistence and her worship, she was not too proud to take that which remained from the Lord.  This Canaanite woman recognized that something from the Lord is far greater than any alternative the world could provide.  And thus she concluded, I’ll take the crumbs. 

She had a mentality to take God’s best or God’s least. 

Perhaps she realized that the same flavor, and ingredients in the table dinner could also be found in the crumbs.  Indeed it would be a different story if we were referring to crumbs from the table of the poor.  But even the crumbs from the Lord’s Table bring bountiful blessings.  So she therefore resolved- I’ll take the crumbs.

And as such she sets a marvelous example.  So you may never acquire the wealth of Warren Buffet or the financial portfolio of Bill Gates, but if God blessed you with just ½ of 1 percent of their earnings- that’s more than anyone can ever want and I’ll take the crumbs.  You may not have the athleticism of Lebron James or the speed of Usain Bolt but if God just gives life, health and strength- that’s sufficient: I’ll take the crumbs.  And you may never possess the scientific and mathematical knowledge of Albert Einstein or the literary genius of William Shakespeare, but as long as you are in your right mind-that’s good enough:  I’ll take the crumbs.   

We are created for greatness.  As believers in Jesus, we are the seed of Abraham and joint heirs with Jesus Christ.  Nevertheless, anyway the Lord blesses me, I’ll be satisfied.  Even fragments from the Lord’s table are far better than anything the world can offer.  In fact, a sprinkling of the Lord's blessing will do; A dusting is just fine. And a touch from the Lord is more than enough. Truth is, all God has to do is blow upon your situation.  So when it’s all said and done: I’ll take- the crumbs. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Launch Into the Deep

Luke 5:4 Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught.

In this passage of scripture, two fishermen had been fishing all night without any results.  Jesus asked if he could borrow their boat to use as a platform to teach.  They consented.  And after Jesus concluded his message, he encouraged the fishermen to launch into the deep and let down their nets for a catch. Even though they had been fishing all night without results, they obeyed his word. 

This one encounter changed their lives.  They became disciples of Jesus Christ. The result was a boatload of fish so plentiful that the nets break causing them to call their fishing buddies on the other boat whose nets also began to break. The catch of fish was so large that both boats began to sink.  Allow me to make five observations about this passage:

      1.  Give Jesus your resources:  Give him your time, talent, and treasure.  Put God first in your life.  If you lend to Jesus and give him access to your stuff he will surely repay.

      2. Take a risk for God:  Come out of the shallow water down to the deep end where the risks are large but the rewards are even greater.  Some of us have been swimming in the kiddie pool for too long.  Dream big, and launch into the deep.

        3. Try Again: The scripture says that they toiled all night and had taken in nothing. Nevertheless at Jesus urging they tried again.  Sometimes we give up too easy.  As we walk with Jesus, we must never stop trying even when we fail at first attempt.  Your destiny is sometimes realized after the first unsuccessful pursuit.  So try again.

      4.  Expect The Overflow:  Because of their obedience, God blessed them with an abundant amount of fish that led to incredible overflow.  Psalms 23:5 puts it best as it states “…my cup runs over.”  As we lend God our resources, not only will God meet our needs, he will bless us with overflow.  Learn to expect the overflow. 

      5. Follow Jesus: Despite the blessing of overflow, it still does not compare to the joy of following Jesus. After the fisherman witnessed the great miracle of the abundance of fish, they left all behind, followed Jesus and became disciples. Our main calling as Christians is to follow Christ.

So take a risk in God.  Dream Again.  Don't stop believing.  Hang on in there and give it your best shot.  God has great things in store if we trust him, serve him and follow him.  So get back on your boat.  Grap your net and launch into the deep.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stop Drop and Roll

Daniel 3:24-25 if you find yourself in the midst of a fiery furnace through trials and tribulation, remember to Stop, Drop, and Roll. 
(1) Stop accepting the World’s standard of what’s right.  The Three Hebrew Boys refused to bow down to the Golden image of King Nebuchadnezzar. The Bible is our standard. 
(2) Drop down on your knees in prayer and Worship to God.  The Three Hebrew Boys fell down in the midst of the fire bound hand and foot.  I believe that while they were down, they worshiped. We must learn to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness in the midst of our situation.
(3 )Roll with Jesus.  Jesus commands that we come unto him all who labor and are heavy laden.  How is your walk with the Lord?  When the King looked into the midst of the fire, he said, I thought we threw in three men, but I see four men loose, and walking and they have no hurt and the fourth looks like the Son of God.  Despair, heartache, disappointment, persecution, whatever the fire, don’t panic.  Just remember these three simple rules:  Stop, Drop, and Roll.